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YOUNGWOO WATERLINE has introduced various innovations to our water needs to create solutions suited for 21st-century needs.

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Tank Electrolyzer

TANK is the name of hydrogen generating electrolyzer developed by YOUNGWOO WATERLINE.

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Pulmonary Well-being

Molecular hydrogen presents beneficial effects on pulmonary health, reducing lung resistance, mucus formation, inflammatory markers, and oxidative stress markers.

Respiratory Health

Molecular hydrogen’s role in respiratory medicine is notable, particularly due to its capability to combat underlying inflammation driving conditions like asthma,

Crafted with Korean Excellence

Every facet of our generator reflects the meticulous craftsmanship associated with Korean manufacturing. From inception to execution, our commitment to quality shines through.

Artificial MG-Free Assurance

Embrace the purity of your water with confidence. The RARA Hydrogen Water Generator guarantees that your water remains untouched by artificial mineral additives, preserving its pristine essence.

Eco-Conscious Design

We hold your well-being and the environment in high regard. Our generator emits no ozone, ensuring that both you and our planet are safeguarded with every use.

Effortless Operation, One-Touch Convenience

Experience the benefits of hydrogen-rich water without the hassle. Our generator features easy-to-use one-touch operation, complemented by a large LCD display for effortless interaction.