Tank Electrolyzer

YOUNGWOO WATERLINE has been an industry leader in building solutions in the field of Hydrogenated water. Our research has allowed us to produce many innovative products that perfectly match customer needs,

We believe our innovations can bring a huge change in this situation and help the world go through a shift towards healthier Hydrogen water as a status quo.


Understanding the needs of our potential customers, we have created a Tank Electrolyzer for generating and dissolving Hydrogen gas in water. Our team has designed it to be versatile enough to function in all weather conditions and extreme temperatures without malfunctioning.

Our extensive research and tests allowed us to tick all the boxes and ensure we produce a Tank Electrolyzer that best suits the consumer needs and use cases.

Our extensive research and tests were performed by reputable scientists and engineers over the course of many years. In fact, our long journey was made possible by unwavering support, guidance, and willpower from Mr. Changu Kim, the CEO of YOUNGWOO WATERLINE CO., Ltd.


Some of the key features of our Tank Electrolyte include:

  • Hydrogen Generation: It performs real-time hydrogen generation using electrolysis. The generated hydrogen gets dissolved within the water, creating Hydrogen Water. It has a high hydrogen concentration of 1000 PPB (Parts Per Billion)
  • Retention: We have optimized our Tank to ensure high Hydrogen retention. Generally, after Hydrogen Water creation, the Hydrogen starts to drop quickly. But, our optimizations allow us to ensure much longer retention time.
  • Oxygen and Ozone: The purification systems automatically discharge the oxygen and ozone through PEM. This improves water quality and frees the water from the smell of ozone.
  • Pressure: It comfortably works and operates with high water pressure of up to 10 kg/㎠, making it fit for almost all conditions.


Some of the key performance parameters and capabilities of our Tank Electrolyzer are:

  • Hydrogen: This high-performance tank comfortably generates and dissolves more than 1000 PPB of Hydrogen in the water, making it ideal for you.
  • Lifespan: With high-pressure testings, extensive research, trial and error, and lots of innovation, we have maximized the lifespan of our tanks. Today, our Tank matches or exceeds the lifespan of most conventional tanks as well.
  • Controller: The advanced controller allows you to manage the tank easily. It monitors water quality and automatically cleans electrodes or recommends filter changes whenever needed.
  • Real-Time: It performs real-time hydrogen generation by consuming up to 20W of power. This tank is fit for home and office usage alike.


Even after so many features, facilities, and functions, we have never compromised with safety. Our products are tested to the highest level. All our products are certified by various governing authorities across the globe including, including KC, CE, FDA, PSE, and RoSH.