About Us

Based in the Republic of Korea, YOUNGWOO WATERLINE is devoted to research, innovating, and creating quality products to better serve mankind. For many decades, we’ve been focused on creating solutions that serve a better environment and mankind.

Our investments in research and development have allowed us to be an industry leader in products that better support our world’s current and future needs while preserving the environment. In fact, we’ve been able to make radical advancements in the field of Hydrogen Water Generators capable of providing clean, healthy, and safe water for everyone. Our products infuse water with Hydrogen, providing many benefits to consumers in health and lifestyle.

Hydrogen-rich water has various benefits, including improved well-being, minimized fatigue, healthier skin, and overall better mood. We create quality products that help you conveniently obtain and consume Hydrogen Water from the convenience of your home.

H2 RARA Hydrogenator Working

Hydrogenator uses a standard electrolysis technique to split some water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen. This newly formed Hydrogen is dissolved in the water, reaching concentrations of up to 1000 PPB (Parts Per Billion), creating Hydrogenated water.

Our Mission

We consider ourselves the flagbearers of developing technologies attuned to the needs of the 21st century man. Our team works tirelessly to bring innovations and technological advancements that foster sustainable development and help create products for the many generations to come.

To achieve our motives, we utilized modern scientific discoveries and extensive internal research to develop Hydrogen Generator Machines. These machines are capable of creating Hydrogen-rich water with minimum resources.

Over the years, our extensive research, tests, and scientific discoveries have resulted in us being awarded various patents, certifications, recognitions, and certifications as well.

Today we continue to innovate with the intent of making more scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs that help us expedite the mass adoption of hydrogen water generators.

Benefits of Hydrogen-Infused Water

Some of the key advantages of consuming Hydrogen-Infused Water are:

  • Diseases: Hydrogen’s antioxidative properties have been proven helpful in cancer prevention as it neutralizes harmful Free Radicals. Moreover, it possesses a great deal of anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief to Arthritis patients.
  • General Health: It is known to be effective in various other medical conditions including reducing stroke risks, improving skin health, and overall optimizing your body health. The Hydrogenator also infuses valuable nutrients like magnesium, zinc, potassium, and copper.
  • Balance: They also help in detoxifying our body by removing toxins, chemicals, pesticides, and impurities. Along with that it supports weight loss and strengthens the immune system.
  • Hydration: It is effective in improving our body hydration levels as well. The Hydrogenator breaks larger water structures into much smaller structures that are absorbed comfortably by our bodies.

Key Feature of H2RARA Hydrogenator

Some of the key features of H2 RARA include:

  • High Concentration: H2 RARA boasts one of the highest concentrations of water among all its competitors, giving you up to 1000 PPB (Parts Per Billion) of Hydrogenated Water.
  • Source: With H2 RARA, you do not need to provide distilled or very clean water. It can work with any reasonable water source and produce healthy and safe water for you.
  • Convenience: All the products are designed to maintain high hygiene standards. It is designed to have minimum cleaning requirements and an easy-to-maintain design for greater customer ease.