Handy H2 Server RARA

The health benefits of Hydrogen Water cannot be understated. Including Hydrogen Water in your lifestyle ensures you enjoy greater health benefits, better immunity, more nutrition, and overall a better life.

However, Hydrogen Water is still far from mass adoption. As a result, it is hard to consistently receive Hydrogen Water of your desired quality. We at YOUNGWOO WATERLINE intend to resolve this issue with our range of quality products. Our team has created various Hydrogen Water Generators. One of our solutions is the modern Handy H2 Server RARA. As the name suggests, we have made it handy and portable for comfortable carrying and easy usage.

Easy to Carry

This lightweight and portable machine is designed to be compact enough to be carried around easily. You can carry it in a handbag, backpack, or suitcase without much hassle.

Our Handy H2 Server RARA weighs less than 200 grams when empty and can be set up anywhere. Within 10 minutes, it can convert your ordinary water into Hydrogen-rich water with concentrations as high as 1100 PPB. It is battery-operated, meaning you don’t need any power outlet or cable when you carry it. You can charge it completely within 2 hours and the battery will last many years on a single charge.

Even after being small and lightweight, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. This Hydrogen Water Generator works on almost any form of water, including tap water, bottled water, and purified water. When traveling, you can feed it accessible water and receive healthy Hydrogen Water in no time.


To achieve our goals, we had to rely on various technological innovations and scientific studies. After years of development, we created a patented 6-ply titanium a platinum electrolysis system that performs significantly better compared to conventional 4-ply systems.

Our products ensure that the hydrogen is mixed well with the water and remains dissolved for an extended period. Even after 1 hour of being produced, our Hydrogen Water maintains about 80 to 90 percent of its original concentration which is significantly better than industry standards.

Need for H2 Server RARA

Hydrogen water in itself helps extract various useful nutrients from the water and provides various advantages. Most importantly, it behaves as an anti-oxidant and effectively controls reactive oxygen.

The human body produces a lot of reactive oxygen from general exercise, mental conditions, diet, and pollution. This can result in fatigue and can cause many problems. Drinking Hydrogen water from our solutions can help counteract this oxygen and maintain better health for you overall.

Our Handy H2 Server RARA is perfect for travelers, office-going professionals, and sports enthusiasts who are interested in maintaining and improving their health.

It has been tested to maintain proper safety for the consumer and maintains consistent, high-quality results every time.

Use Cases

Hydrogen Water is valuable for all humans. But, in particular, people involved in physically and mentally challenging activities should definitely be consuming Hydrogen Water from our range of products. If you are involved in activities like hiking or have exposure to air pollution, excessive alcohol, stress, and UV radiation, you will see significant benefits from Hydrogen water.