Hybrid H₂ Server RARA

Hybrid H2 Server RARA is among the latest innovations from YOUNGWOO WATERLINE. Our innovative products pave the way for a significant paradigm shift towards hydrogenated water.

The Hydrogen Water Generator is designed to be inexpensive, low-cost, and durable. It consistently provides hydrogenated water that has various advantages for us.


Some of the key features of Hybrid H2 Server RARA are:

  • Production: It can consistently produce highly concentrated (1000 PPB) Hydrogen Water with minimum production time and consistent results.
  • Water: Our cutting-edge hydrogen generation technology works with a wide range of water qualities. We deliver consistent results regardless of the water’s PH balance, impurities, and chemicals. You can even use bottled water or tap water for its operations.
  • Usage: Its small size makes it compact and easy to store anywhere. The minimum dimensions allow for easy installation in our homes and offices. You can connect it directly to pipes or taps to reduce your workload further.
  • Filter: The filters and various other components are designed to be simple, durable, and easy to replace. This ensures an ideal after-sales experience for all consumers.

Ease Of Use

With the proven advantages of Hydrogen Water, the only hurdle stopping them from mass adoption is the lack of awareness and unwillingness to take the installation hassle. That’s why our H2 Server RARA is designed to be simple, easy, and convenient.

With the compact size (16x26x34 cm), it can be fit almost anywhere easily and doesn’t require much effort for installation. Besides, it is compatible with pipelines, bottled water, and tap water. Its versatility makes it suitable for all users.


With an expensive investment like H2 Server RARA, you are not wrong to expect a long lifetime with consistent results.

All the products are designed with the needs of users in mind. YOUNGWOO WATERLINE’s H2 Server RARA has provided consistent results for many years. Even if the electrodes get dirty, you can click the cleaning button and instantly observe the expected performance results.

Besides, its self-diagnostic tools and tests are useful for automatically solving any common issues without needing any help from customer support. Its only maintenance is an electrode change. You are automatically informed about the need for electrode change by its advanced systems.


We understand that water is fundamental to our lives, and we cannot complicate it. Our procedures, products, and UI are designed to make it straightforward for anyone to operate.

Just push a button to start the Hydrogen Water supply and another push to hold it. This is intentionally kept simple. Some other quality-of-life improvements include the ability to press a button to get precisely 1 liter of water, which is also a great convenience.


Safety is the most important thing even if it is convenient, easy-to-use, and feature-rich. We are working to make conventional clean water even better. So, naturally, it was aggressively tested for all safety standards.

We are proud to say that our H2 Server RARA has received certifications from national authorities, including KC, CE, FDA, PSE, and RoSH. Our breakthrough technology can KC, CE, FDA , PSE and RoSH.improve your health, safety, and well-being without taking anything out of your life.