Hot & Cold H₂ Server RARA

YOUNGWOO WATERLINE has introduced various innovations to our water needs to create solutions suited for 21st-century needs. With various technological advancements, we are able to use the powers of AI and modern scientific discoveries to provide a better lifestyle.

We achieve this with our groundbreaking AI-driven Hot and Cold H2 Server RARA. This Hydrogen generator produces high concentrations of pure Hydrogen and dissolves it in your water. The water remains safe and retains its taste but is significantly healthier.


Some of the key features of our Hot & Cold H2 Server RARA are:

  • Maintenance: Generally, people struggle to properly clean and replace the electrodes in their water dispensing devices. We at YOUNGHOO have used AI to automatically understand the condition of electrodes for cleaning or recommend a replacement.
  • Design: Our Hot & Cold Server RARA is designed to be simple and easy to use. The filter and various other components can be replaced by yourself without needing a specialist.
  • Cleaning: The system is designed to be capable of performing automated cleaning and maintenance. The cleaning tools are operated when considered necessary by the AI or requested by you manually. During the cleaning, the electrodes are cleaned using its automated systems requiring no input from you.

Hot & Cold

Truth be told, the market has a lot of Hydrogen Water Generators. But, where we shine is the fact that the water produced by our machines has a significantly higher concentration of water. But wait – that’s not all. We have taken it a step even further by supporting hot and cold water.

The demand for high-quality hot and cold Hydrogen Water is quite high, yet almost no one has been successfully able to create a product for that use case. But we at YOUNGWOO WATERLINE have produced a Hot & Cold H2 Water Server that reliably provides you with concentrated hydrogen water at the temperature of your choice.

Evolution of Hydrogen Water Generator

The process of extracting hydrogen gets more and more difficult as we go away from room temperatures. Additional factors like electrode health and cleanliness play a huge role in terms of the quality and concentration of water you receive. Our AI-driven systems and aggressive scientific research have enabled us to accurately handle all of these issues.

We have been able to produce Hydrogenated water at a variety of temperatures and water conditions while maintaining consistent quality and safety standards. For the end user, the water won’t be any different in taste and consumption but would be significantly better for their health.

Time To Switch

Hydrogen Water’s health benefits are massive. It can significantly impact your general health, mental well-being, and immunity. The Hydrogen in the water itself acts as an antioxidant. It also helps improve and activate various minerals in the water, providing you more excellent nutritional value.

With our Hot & Cold H2 Server RARA, we have been able to provide customers with all these benefits while ensuring a hassle-free experience and the added convenience of temperature control. Now’s the right time to switch to our Hydrogen Water Generators for your better health!


Our H2 server comes with a very easy-to-use and carefully designed UI. All functions are accessible by the tap of just a few buttons. With little to no inputs needed from your side, it is designed to conveniently blend in with your home and office environment.


Even after all the benefits, we are still focused on ensuring there is no major side effect or harm from consumption of our Hydrogen Water. We’ve been certified by various organizations including KC, CE, FDA, PSE, and RoSH. Our products use premium FDA-certified filters that automatically clean the water, removing floating matter, rust, and microorganisms.